E-Book Review Policy

I suppose 'policy' is a general term, but here are my guidelines for requesting book reviews.

1. I prefer ebook formats only, but if the book intrigues me, I may be open to a print review copy of your work.

2. There is no guarantee I will review your work if asked. It's something I need to evaluate as I read. I don't wish to post negative book reviews, so if I find that I cannot give your book at least an average (3 star rating), then chances are I won't post a review. You will be notified in the event that this occurs.

3. I also cannot guarantee a time frame for posting a review. We all have our own lives and things to do within them. Sometimes my plate is far more full than other times. This means that I will generally only accept on review request at a time. I will, however, notify you when I am close to completion with a scheduled date for when your review will be posted on this blog.

4. The review will also be signed in American Sign Language and posted on YouTube (yes, there are Deaf people who like to read, and other readers of this blog who prefer a vlog to a blog).

5. If you do wish to request a review of your book, please send me an email at rmtf35@yahoo.com.

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