Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My First Ever Blog! Exciting?

Hello to all you newcomers! Welcome to the Fraser File! This is my first blog, which means, as you can probably guess, that I have no clue what I'm going to blog about. I think for now it would suffice to say that I am just going to write about what's on my mind on a weekly basis. It's most agreeable to me, for this allows me to blog about anything, and if something is important to me at the time, then you can bet it will be on here. My hope is that you will all be able to know a little more about me, perhaps get some understanding of what influences my writing, and any other positive aspect that can come of this for you and myself. So, without any further delay, allow me to give you a little history on who R. M. Fraser is....

That may be the one and only time I refer to myself in third person here. It's not like I'm The Rock, or anyone special. I'm just me. For as long as I can remember, I have always needed some kind of intellectual and/or creative outlet in my life. As an adolescent, I was lacking that, which may have contributed to some of my delinquence early on in high school. I'm sure the rest of it was just being a stubborn and rebellious teenager, and we've all been there to some degree (unless you're under 12 and reading this). When I was fifteen, I picked up my older sister's guitar that she never used and asked her to show me what littl she knew. She taught me some chords and let me use her Grateful Dead Anthology tablature book. I used that for learning a few more chords and soon discarded it(I like the Dead's music, just never found it inspiring). I soon found Guitar magazine, and a few others of the sort, and started learning songs I liked. I was really into Guns N' Roses, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, etc. After about 6 months of this, I started jusr goofing around on the guitar which led to writing songs, which led to writing lyrics. Thats where the outlet really took off. I wrote alot, whether it was about me or things I made up for fantasy or fun. Pretty soon a lot of the things I wrote weren't related to music at all, and I felt pretty comfortable writing both, so I did. For about 20 years now. Playing guitar has slowly faded it's way into the background of my life, and I think it's just not the outlet I need anymore. But writing poetry, short stories, and even novels are really taking over.

My wife has told em time and time again that I need to do something with the poems I have stockpiled. I never thought much about it because it was so therapeutic for me at the time. It really helped me process through a lot of situations and emotions. Well, long story shorter, I finally listened, and put together Shadow Boxer, my first ebook, and published it ont he Smashwords.com website. It's a collection of 23 poems from over the years. Some are fantasy, and some are about very real things that happened in my life, while a few others are song lyrics. I hope that those who have read the book found my blog link in my bio and decided to come check this out. If you haven't read Shadow Boxer. and want to, please visit my profile at http://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/RMFraser . There you will find the path to the ebook, which doesn't cost much, and if you really want, you can download the first 25% of the book as a free sample. If you enjoyed it, please please leave a thank you here for my wife, who shall hereforeto be named E. L. Fraser, or just call her ELF. She is the one who should get credit for getting me to share my work with everyone.

One more thing before I post this. There is one poem in Shadow Boxer entitled "Pride". If you've read it, then you know it's about my father, who was Deaf. My mother is as well, in fact. Please note that the "D" in Deaf is capitalized, for being Deaf means one belongs to the Deaf community and to Deaf culture. Not every deaf person is a part of that, and I am sure that in future posts you will learn more about this from me. There are a lot of myths out there about deaf and Deaf people, and if I can shatter any of them, I'd be a happy man. That is all for now, the first entry into the Fraser File is now complete! Expect the next post in about a week, and thank you for reading.

R. M.

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