Friday, July 6, 2012

Audism Experiment #4

Hello everyone,

The response I got from all of you for Audism Experiment #3 was better than any so far. Granted, I may have given it a few more days in between, but you all did this. Many thanks. Experiment #3 had no labels attached to it, so what I expected was nothing related to Deaf, deafness, Audism, etc etc. Here's the breakdown of what you all reported to me;

- 10 Car Sales Ads, 3 of them from Audi
-   2 Interpreter Positions
-   6 For Post Secondary Education
- 12 For Hearing Aids and/or Batteries
-   2 For Law Firms
-   1 Deaf Personals
-   2 Sensorineural Hearing Loss
-   2 Cochlear Implants
-   1 AARP ????? (Seniors and hearing loss? It's a stretch, at best...)
-   1 Psychology Experiment
-   1 Self Selection Research
-   1 For Stahlflex (That's a German company, btw. How much does that rock?)
-   1 Brain Training Games
-   1 Google Chrome
-   1 Concept Map Software (I don't believe that's related to CI mapping)
-   1 Disabled help with Scooters
-   1 New Google + Events
-   1 Mobile Web
-   1 Mobile Phone
-   1 For Cisco

Wow! What data! So what is Audism related here? 16 of 49 ads were. That's more than coincidence for me. But it shows that Adsense is doing more than just relating content to labels. Basing this on past posts, perhaps? That would be my guess. Here's some snapshots of what I saw when I viewed the page;

 Doesn't look too bad, eh? Nothing related, except for that Audi ad, hehe. I went back on a second time just because, and this is what I got;

What what what? This throws everything off! Every single ad is related to Deaf, and 9 of can be considered Audistic! Man, just my luck to look a second time. Way to go, Google...

Now for the final test of Adsense, Experiment #4. This will have labels related only to the Deaf community in a positive way. Here's what I will go with;

- Deaf
- Deaf Culture
- Deaf Community
- Deaf Clubs
- Culturally Deaf
- American Sign Language

So let's give this a week or so and we will then be able to compare everything. I think that those of us who have experience with Deaf people know how this last experiment will turn out, too. This experiment had such a great response from you all, and I hope you continue on this one, so tell me every ad you see - PLEASE! :)

Until next time,

R. M.


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