Monday, June 18, 2012

Audism Experiment #2

Hello to all,

My last post was an experiment in seeing what ads would come up on this blog based on the labels I attached to the post. These were the attached labels;

-cochlear implants 
-Deaf community 
-Deaf Culture 
-hearing aids
-social experiment

This is a screenshot of the ads I saw when I viewed the post from my computer.

That was posted near the top of the page... Here's the one that was on the side of my page.

So I guess that is my result. There was one ad titled "Language Professors Hate Him". That one to me is a discard. Ive seen that ad all over the place. Of the other five I had one for Interpreter positions, so that's good to see. Culturally Deaf people do use interpreters. Then there was one for Deaf Personals, so that one is ok. Then there is the one for "Breakthrough Hearing Aids". Companies and Audists have been claiming that  for every new technology they come out with, and it's always a disappointment. This ad can definitely be defined as audist in nature. Now that leaves me with the other 2 ads. One for respite care of children with developmental disabilities. That relates to nothing in the labels I attached, does it. Deaf people are disabled? Hmmmmm...  The other for a master's degree in k-12 special education. Deaf children are special needs and require special ed classrooms? Again, not related to my labels. 

Now for the results from those of you who took the time to tell me what you saw via facebook. (Many thanks to you all - it was a huge help)

- 3 people found hearing aid ads
- 1 for cochlear implants
- 1 for interpreters
- 1 for an Audi clearance sale Audism = Audi the car, lol, love it!
- 1 for a talent management program
- 1 for a research group
- 1 for an electronic stethoscope for the hearing impaired (theres that nasty Audistic term)

So far, so good. Now let's consider this post to be Part 2 of the experiment. This time I will change the labels to this;

- cochlear implants
- hearing aids
- hearing impaired
- disabled
- disabilities

I think this should be a nice control group for the experiment. I believe there may be two more parts after this. Again, I encourage you all to post comments either here or on facebook and tell me what ads you see. I got wonderful response from you last time, so let's keep this up! I can;t wait to see these results! 

Until net time,

R. M.

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