Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Audism Experiment #3

Hello to all,

Time to share my findings of experiment #2, where the blog was labeled only with words that are generally audistic in nature, or are used in audistic ways. Those labels were;

- cochlear implants
- hearing aids
- hearing impaired
- disabilities
- disabled

Here are the screenshots of the Google Adsense ads on my page when I viewed it;

So we can now see what was there. One ad for interpreter positions, one for cochlear implants, four for hearing aids of some type, one from what appears to be an assistive hearing technology company asking for testimonials, two regarding disabilities (dyslexia, and respite care for children with developmental disabilities), and one random ad from Netflix (interesting that many Deaf people are on them for their lack of closed captioning of content in their internet streaming service - though I'm quite positive it's really a coincidence).

From those of you, or, rather, the one of you (you know who you are and a big Thank You) who responded with what they saw, here is that person's breakdown;

- Three for hearing aids, one of those for hearing aid repair
- One for interpreter positions
- One for "Top Grants for 2012"
- Two for hearing problems related to Tinnitus
- Three related to disabilities

I guess for the most part this comes as no surprise. All the labels were geared towards these results. It was more or less a control group. For Experiment #3, i will add no labels at all to this post, and we can see what Adsense will do. There will be one more post to follow that one where all the labels will be solely for Deaf friendly labels. Following that post will be all the results and what conclusions we can draw from them. It's a somewhat fun thing to do on my end, and I hope my prediction is correct in showing those of you who know little to nothing about Deaf Culture/Community can get a first hand look at one of the forms Audism takes.

Until next time,

R. M.


  1. The ads I can see are for cars (5 Audi and 4 others) and over 60s dating.

  2. hey thanks, i appreciate it and will add it to my results